Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Every class is a bit different when it comes to studying, Classes like history require a lot more vocabulary and facts than math. So for history I create flashcards once I know all the terms I need to memorize. Once I do this I study them twice a day reading them twice out loud to remember them. This way it allows me to have three different ways to remember . Writing, reading, and speaking which gives me great success when studying. Now for subjects like math which require more practice than just flashcards I have a different method. I read over all the notes that I have just like I did with the flashcards. Then typically there is a math review giving a week or so before the test is out. So I do the entire math guide once a day so I can perfect the needed material on the test. This way I feel confident in my math ability. Those are the two ways I have success when studying for exams.

Eric from Texas
High School Senior
Coppell HighSchool