Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation ultimately relies on the quality of the effort and time that you put in: “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.” These are my study habits that have provided me with massive success.
The plan is the most essential aspect, because without some semblance of a plan you have no idea when and where to put your efforts, making the process seem overwhelming. A good practice is to have a planner (I use a bullet journal) that allows you to break any assignment or class into its smallest components, using teacher recommendations and learning objectives, in order to work on a little bit everyday.
I think that your physical and emotional states also have a massive impact on your quality of studying. Confidence and faith are crucial: without them, you will never push yourself because deep down you do not believe in your abilities. I cultivate this confidence by reciting phrases that affirm my ability: “I am limitless.” I also meditate and clearly visualize myself doing the task and feel how great it will feel to have done it to the best of my ability. This way, when I sit down to work, my brain is already familiar with the situation and knows what to do.
In order to manifest this confidence and increase focus I take good care of my body and my mind: if you do not exercise any muscle, it will atrophy. So I try to read, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and get a lot of sleep in order to maintain a high level of energy and mental clarity.
While actually sitting in my chair and studying I use a few strategies that I adopted from my psychology class. These include classical conditioning insights: we learn from association. As a result, whenever I learn something new, my instinct is to relate it to something I know well already. Even if it is a class with no bearing on your future goals, imagine it as an opportunity to improve self discipline.
Learning is a skill that must be mastered through consistent application of yourself.

Elijah from Colorado
High School Senior
Denver East High School