Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Something that I have been working very well for me lately has been the use of a whiteboard. A whiteboard really allows you to work through thought processes and diagrams in real-time. It seems the closest that I can get to how my brain actually thinks and processes information. My thoughts are messy and make weird connections to other ideas, and a whiteboard allows you to be as messy as you need.

A principle for me is that if I know something, but I can't explain it, then I don't actually know it. A good practice is to try to explain what you are learning to yourself. When you can break ideas down into their simplest form, enough for a child to understand, then that is a good indicator that you know what you are learning.

Another thing is learning the same idea from multiple sources. I like to watch different videos explaining the same problem. This allows me to find the common ideas between them to better break down the content into its simplest terms. One person may explain something in a way that makes total sense to you that you would have never have figured out otherwise

Takami from Texas
College Freshman
Texas State University