Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

While attending college I have had to adapt to numerous new study habits. Although I studied in high school I never had to study as hard. When I first arrived at the University of Southern Indiana I was a nursing major. Studying for those classes you have to find a way to understand the information quickly. While being a nursing major I primarily used the study habits of electronic flashcards, dry erase boards, dry erase diagrams, and study groups composed of a mixed commodity of peers. Within those study groups, we would explain the things we were studying with each other. When we could teach each other the materials we knew we understood them well enough to take on the next exam. Over the years I have introduced these study tips to people who have to understand things quickly and more than likely it has always worked.
Ultimately after studying very hard for classes like anatomy and chemistry, I changed my major to social work in my second year at school. The new classes that I took involved more reading, powerpoints, papers, presentations, and in-class notes. For the exams that do come up in these classes, I mostly use flashcards and in-class notes to study. I have found the key to taking in-class notes is to highlight what the professor says during the lecture then combine what you have heard in class with the available powerpoints for study references. Although I have gained a multitude of study habits that have helped me thus far ultimately everyone is different. What works for me may work for you but we all have to find our ways of grasping and understanding the information being presented to us. That is one large lesson I have learned while taking on higher education.

Jada from Indiana
College Junior
The University of Southern Indiana