Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying is a difficult task to tackle. Not everyone is the same to say in the least. I didn't discover how I study best until more recently. While sitting in class my attention was always divided. It was always divided between the lesson being taught as the teacher speaks and my own world I was creating by pouring my imagination onto a piece of paper. I managed to do well in school, but I was always told I had to take notes a certain way. Header, name, important questions, important information, and a summary. I did those things for years, but still a portion of my page was consumed by my imagination and difficulty to focus. Last year while watching Barton Fink for the second time in my creative writing class, which I loved, I sketched an entire portrait of Barton himself. When showing my teacher the notes I took while watching the movie she was impressed and we discussed the movie. She commended the my attention to detail in the sketch. I continued to follow my habits of doodling, scribbling, sketching, and creating upon each page of notes I worked on. While no other teacher noticed or cared to appreciate these until this year my AP Psychology teacher noticed my drawings as I sat and listened to his lecture each day sitting in the front row. We talked about it being a good way to concentrate and process the lecture in a meaningful way to me. I finally realized that after all of that schooling I created my own meaningful method to listening and absorbing information. I began to label my pages with the words, "Sketch notes". I drew diagrams, maps, planets, anatomy, comics, characters, and more. I put my imagination on pause just long enough to label and write the important information while absorbing the information being thrown at me through visual documentation. It works for me because it is my personalized structure of visual documentation to recollect important information.

Sean from Wisconsin
High School Senior
Sun Prairie High School