Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As an art education student, I have taken many tests for art history as well as tests concerning how to educate America’s youth. Art history and childhood education are very different fields of education, yet my test preparation procedures apply to both areas of study.
As a future art teacher and an artist, I am a visual learner. I am able to easily correlate shapes and images with related information. Due to this learning style, I enjoy preparing for tests with flash cards.
For art history tests, I make a flash card of each art piece that will be in the test. I then research the artwork to learn about the artist, time period, and style of the work. Learning these facts about each art piece helps me understand the intricate meaning of each artwork and what life experiences the artist had to lead them to create their piece. Seeing the art work on the front of the flashcard and then relating it to the information written on the back of the flash card, makes learning more transitional and effective for my mind.
For my education classes, I create similar flash cards to prepare for tests. I create flash cards for major education breakthroughs or important educators throughout history. I include a picture or symbol that represents the topic of the card and I write correlating information on the back of each flash card.
Not only do flash cards help me remember facts by correlating information with imagery, they also help trigger important detailed information I have learned. A few well-placed words can help remind me of a whole art era or a style of teaching.
Working towards becoming an art teacher is a rewarding and exciting process. The classes I have taken so far have helped me identify my most effective way to prepare for tests… and that’s why I will always trust flash cards.

India from Colorado
College Junior
admitted to Colorado State University- Pueblo