Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My journey throughout high school academically was definitely an uphill battle. Starting from now having to put in any effort in middle school to having to put in work in high school was such a foreign concept to me at the beginning of my freshman year. A huge reason for that was my inability to study correctly or if at all. Once I realized I needed to get my grades together, I used my freshman year to try several different studying practices. From flash cards, to reciting, to rewriting. I definitely have tried it all. However, the best practice that has proven to be the most effective for me is rewriting my notes! Firstly, I would record the lectures my teacher would give during class and scribble down quick abbreviated notes. Then, I would go home and re-listen to the lecture as I hand rewrite my notes down and make them look more presentable and readable. I found that making my notes look aesthetically pleasing really helped me memorize certain information better, as I could recall where certain notes were on the pages during my test. I would always opt for handwriting instead of typing because I find that handwriting allows me to attain and memorize more of the information compared to if I were mindlessly typing them down into my computer. I stuck to this tactic all along high school and saw my grades drastically shoot up. I hope to use this technique in college and that'll prove the same results it did when I was in highschool.

Kathleen from Texas
High School Senior
Kempner High School