Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Hello, my name is Maria Guadalupe Lopez-Garcia from Gonzales High School which is located in Gonzales, California. I am a student-athlete. I wrestle, run track and field and I’m a member of my school's band. As well as, being involved in a program that was formally in school named Wings of Knowledge. I was awarded MVP in my sophomore year in wrestling and qualified to regionals for track and field for the 4 x 1 event. In my junior year of high school. I also medaled in my first year of wrestling in the CCS championships.
Furthermore, my interests outside of school are being a volunteer coach for the middle school wrestling team. I also enjoy playing, listening, and singing to music in my free time. Whenever my wrestling season comes to an end I would go help coach the middle school wrestling team to help prepare them for their upcoming seasons. Also, when I’m finished with my schoolwork and all my necessities I would spend the rest of the remainder of my free time playing my flute and guitar. I also enjoy listening and singing to music.
Also, I have contributed to my Gonzales community; I have done volunteer work for the church on the day of Easter, coached the middle school children in their wrestling tournaments, and volunteered to help clean at the greenhouse just outside of Gonzales. In the church of St. Theodore I have helped set up carnivals for example on the Day of Easter. As well as, help other residents of the community. I help build up their stands and bring them their necessities, clean up the trash people litter on the ground. By putting it in the proper bins, for instance, recycling

Maria from California
High School Senior
Gonzales High School