Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for a test, big or little, can be tedious and oftentimes a chore for someone like me, and to be completely honest, finding the motivation to study is in itself way harder than the actual studying part. However, preparing for a test is the best way to get a good grade so alas, it must be done. A professional procrastinator like me has the best tips and tricks for test preparation that not only make studying tolerable but actually kind of fun and very worthwhile on test day. First and foremost, I have to gather my supplies which include: glitter pens (in a variety of colors), chewing gum, my course material and textbook (of course), my laptop, and last but not least, a soothing playlist. An explanation for each of these things may not be necessary, but they all help me study more effectively for specific reasons. The glitter pens are simply essential for me because they make my notes not only fun to look over, but I have also found that color-coding different topics help me remember the content better. I once heard that chewing gum helps with focus and whether that is false or just a placebo to me, my brain considers that an essential and minty study tool. I especially love studying with my laptop for numerous reasons. There is a great multitude of resources that are available on the internet like Mometrix, Khan Academy, Quizlet, and YouTube, and all I have to use is my fingertips to access them. My generation is very fortunate for that reason. and the convenience of studying should not be taken for granted as much. Another key study essential for me is a playlist dedicated to relaxing, instrumental music to calm me down and put my mind at ease while I am preparing for a test. Studying should not be something that induces stress and I have found that when I have everything together and study diligently, not only do my test grades improve, but I also experience a sense of accomplishment that boosts my mood and self-confidence when it comes to taking the test!

Lauren from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Broken Arrow High School