Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a senior, I have my experience regarding test preparation. I found that as I have progressed through middle and high school, these practices have changed over time. Originally, in middle school and early high school, I put in way more effort than I learned I had to. I stayed up late studying by means of notecards, reading entire chapters over, going through all of my notes several times, and watching long, in-depth videos. These practices were quite strenuous on me and were not nearly as effective as I had hoped for. By my senior year in high school, I have discovered a plethora of test preparation practices which I found to be much more doable and way more efficient.
Before I dive into my methods of studying, I recommend discovering which technique is best for the student individually. Being the daughter of two DoDEA teachers and having seen this myself, I know that each student is different and the same standards apply to their way of learning.
With this, I have found a series of methods of learning specific to myself which make my test preparation far more coherent and organized. The first of these is going over the main ideas and paying careful attention to the first and last sentences of each paragraph in a book or lesson. Rather than having to read full chapters, carefully reading the first and last sentences of each paragraph and skimming through the rest of the text serves as an efficient method of learning. This method serves especially well for history, language arts, and science. As for mathematics, memorizing and understanding formulas and steps to solve is essential. Additionally, I found studying up on extra information is unnecessary. Having a point and being able to back it up with evidence is all that needs to be done. Probably the most important way to prepare for a test is by talking to the teacher after school hours or during a seminar. Paying careful attention to details to catch test hints is also important.

Meghan from Tennessee
High School Senior
Ernest J. King High School