Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is like a house of cards that magicians show in magic shows. There are unique and multiple “cards” or packets of information that need to be strategically placed in your mind for you to be successful. If you miss a key concept or step when studying or when crafting your “house of cards”, all the cards may fall and you may do poorly on your test. This is why In terms of test preparation, my methods are holistic based on the class. It is the culmination of all of my methods that help me succeed on a given test.

First, I must section the testing material into parts by a) reading the textbook or b) reading a studybook such as Barrons or Princeton Review over a span of days leading up to an exame. Next I must make flashcards, either handwritten or online on Quizlet, in order to glue the key terms into my brain. Finally I must test my knowledge by printing online practice tests and taking them on a timer. I take the test at my desk to manipulate the testing environment. Depending on whether or not I get a sufficient score, I may watch videos on the concepts I have difficulty grasping.

Using a holistic study preparation approach since the beginning of junior year, it has helped me get an A in every single class I have taken since. I even got a 5 on my AP US History exam. When looking into what Mometrix Test Preparation Website, they mirror the holistic approach I use. They have in-depth, all-in-one, study guide books which are analogous to a textbook I use help garner knowledge and concepts. They then have a Flashcard Study System to isolate individual concepts and key terms, similar to the next step in my test preparation. Finally with Mometrix University, it offers online tests and review videos, which coincides with steps 3 and 4 of my holistic approach. These concise, but useful test preparation approaches allow me to equip myself with the knowledge I need to succeed in school as a magician when taking tests!

Jonas from California
High School Senior
Mira Costa High School