Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for the SAT was definitely one of the most stressful times of my high school career. There was a lot riding on this test so I worked to the best of my ability to prepare myself. With tutors being so costly, I took it into my own hands to familiarize myself with the test and understand the concepts. My favorite tool for studying was Khan Academy. Not only is Khan Academy free to use, it also works with the College Board so I was sure that it wasn't a scam. It had everything from instructional videos, mini checkpoints, and full SAT tests to help learn what the exam was all about. Everyday for at least 20 minutes, I sat down and either watched a video or completed a checkpoint. The videos featured teachers which explained the concepts step by step so it was as if there was a tutor there with you! As the SAT date came closer, I took advantage of the SAT tests available on the website. These tests were previously released tests, so it was a great feature on the website and really helped me understand what was gonna be on the SAT and how I should be managing my time. My favorite part was that as soon as you complete the test your score is given to you right away. I was able to review my answers and see what I got wrong. There were boxes explaining why the answer was either correct or wrong, which therefore helped me better my comprehension and analysis skills. I used this website for nearly six months prior to my first SAT date and saw an increase of 200 points on my SAT. I believe that being consistent with my studying habits and practicing over a large time period was what helped me succeed. I knew it would be impossible to cram everything in the last couple of weeks, so taking my time and chipping away at the material one day at a time was a great decision.

Mariya from Illinois
High School Senior
Lake Park High School