Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for tests has never been an easy task for me. At the beginning of my high school career, whenever I studied and took a test, I never got the grade I wanted. It wasn't until my junior year of high school, that I finally got to understand the true process of taking in information and holding onto it in a way in which I knew the knowledge from different standpoints. My SAT Prep teacher, Mr. Blackmon, taught me the importance of time. Now, everyone says to begin studying early and although that may be true, it's not just the fact that one needs to begin early, it's what they do with their time.
Mr. Blackmon explained to me what to do. First, he said to always start at least one week before a test. Sometimes your teacher may not be finished with teaching all the units, or maybe you don't have all the information you need, but there's nothing wrong with working with what you have. Within the first few days of your genesis, review your notes and work through a few problems for about an hour a day. Nothing too overbearing, don't think too much about it. Then as the days progress, increase the amount of time you spend working and add a couple of Youtube videos into your routine. You may already know the material from the videos, but watch them to see the different ways other people may handle your problems. Around two nights before your test and leading up to the night before, print some worksheets and do the questions without your notes. If you get a question wrong, redo the question you got wrong first, and then do the entire worksheet again. Keep doing the worksheet until you don't get a question wrong.
This not only builds up your knowledge in the subject and allows you to become more fluent, but it builds your confidence and can calm your anxiety when it comes to testing.
Feeling insecure about my intelligence and feeling unprepared has held me back for years, but Mr. Blackmon's routine, along with self-care and meditation has allowed me to ace my exams.

Asia from Illinois
High School Senior
Lane Technical College Prep