Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Taking a test can be difficult, but studying for a test can be a challenge all it's own! Everyone needs to employ different methods and strategies to studying in order to get the score they desire. Whether it's a big standardized test like the SAT or a quiz in health class, I have several ways that help me prepare to best. I have found that I am a multi-modal learner, I learn best with repetition, by hearing and seeing, and by doing. The way I prepare for tests is multi-modal as well. I create flash cards, which help with repetition, I utilize the practice materials provided by the teachers, because they help me to know what to expect from the test. Studies have shown that you recall information better when you hand write versus using the computer, so I use handwritten notes and flashcards as well. Probably the most important and most successful test preparation I use is taking my time. Cramming doesn't work for me, it does not allow me to fully process the information, to make it meaningful and useful, and to truly learn from it. I like to study material consistently over the days and weeks leading up to a test to ensure I know the material, and no matter the test format or how the questions are posed, I can synthesize the information and show of what I know.

Emma from Connecticut
High School Senior
New Fairfield High School