Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to studying there is no right or wrong way to prepare. We all have different mindsets and some people get more distracted than others. In a world surrounded by technology and other unnecessary distractions, it can sometimes be hard focusing on the things that can help us succeed when studying for exams. I believe that my way of studying would be perfect for those who struggle to maintain focus and can be easily distracted. When I study, the most helpful thing I do is put my phone in a place I cannot see and hear it. The constant pressure to be social and aware of what is happening in the world is a huge distraction and by hiding your cellphone, you will not feel the urge to pick it up whenever the buzz goes off. The next thing I do is take breathers and mini breaks. I'm not saying to take an hour break to watch TV; what I mean is take a few minutes to breathe and become one with the moment and give your brain the opportunity to rejuvenate and recharge before continuing to study. When I study, one of my preferred methods is to utilize highlighters for color coding key notes which will become a visual memory that will stick to my mind. Lastly, something I like to do when studying is to use a white board to rewrite the important information for the test so I can repetitively see it directly in front of me. By continuously writing the words and steps, it will help engrave itself into my brain so when test day comes my mind is filled with key information. There is no definitive way everyone should study. Some people benefit from working in groups, while others prefer to study alone. Some prefer listening to music and others do not. Not everyone benefits from the same study methods when preparing for exams or presentations. My personal recommendation for individuals like me, is to hand write notes, distance yourself from technology, take mini breaks, and utilize materials such as whiteboards and highlighters to help enhance your studying habits.

Alexia from New Jersey
College Sophomore
Rowan University