Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It took me a while to develop study techniques that were efficient and got the results I desired. As I went through high school I realized that I would need a range of study skills, that change depending on the subject matter.
In my language courses I relied heavily upon online flashcards.Online flashcards are beneficial because they work perfect for vocabulary and translations. I also used them for my english classes, transforming my vocabulary and study guides into different sets. As a student athlete, I appreciate the accessibility of online flashcards, and used them whenever I had time.
For my history classes I would study with online flashcards and online review videos. I find that perspectives from different teachers and textbooks help broaden my understanding of a certain historical event.
In my AP science courses, I had a whole study process. First I would make a list of all the information and formulas I would need to know and use it as a guideline for my reviews. Then I would watch videos and take notes. Additionally, I find in my lab-based courses, I learned best by teaching other students.
In math courses, I struggled to find a study technique that worked for me. Math always came easily to me so I did not end up studying for any unit exams until I took calculus. I would utilize teacher reviews and online resources with practice problems that show step by step examples. The most important technique for me was reviewing the unit lesson by lesson, and completing one problem with each new skill.
Another important aspect of my studying techniques is the way I combine them all. I try to split my time based on which subject needs my attention, and I take breaks in between different subjects. Occasionally I listen to music while I study, but it depends on how much I need to focus on the work. For big exams such as the ACT and SAT, I studied by going to different review sessions hosted by my school and by using practice exams.

Katherine from Virginia
High School Senior
Westfield High school