Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my high school years, I have taken many tests and exams. In fact, for my junior and senior year of high school I had to prepare and take exams for the International Baccalaureate program. I have studied with fidelity for every test and quiz because academics were a priority in my family.

My favorite studying method is to first take detailed notes in class. I feel that an outline at the very least will help retain some knowledge from the lesson. Then, I make flashcards over all the vocabulary I don't know. I study my terms by section or chapter and don't move on until I have a full understanding of each word. I will study flashcards by testing my friends and brother. My repetition of quizzing them helps my memorization along with hearing, writing, and seeing the words on each card. There are times where I would even try to learn the cards by writing the definition to the word given and vice versa or by playing a matching game with the terms and definitions. Once I have an understanding of the terms, I would then make a practice test or sentences filled with blanks that I have to complete using the flashcards. I also learn and memorize well when I have to recall the information I just reviewed with flashcards. I study well when I'm with others. Whether I make flashcards or practice tests, I feel more confident and knowledgeable when I can hear, write, and interact with my notes. This is why I like filling out my own flash cards (virtual or physical) and playing games. I will even add color to my flashcards such as highlighted over the words to help categorize it. For instance, in my physics class, I will color a word orange if it pertains to equation and yellow if it relates to more of a scientific definition. These methods are just a few ways I like to prepare for exams and tests.

Drew from Georgia
High School Senior
Morgan County H.S. USA