Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite way to prepare for tests is actually preparing as I go. While taking notes, doing homework, or other critical assignments, I keep an additional sheet with key ideas and equations. With the lesson fresh in my mind, I can describe steps and concepts much more clearly. When it's time to take the test, all I have to do is review the items on my sheet and make sure I understand them. An additional bonus to this method is if the examiner allows you to bring a study sheet, you already have one prepared! Another thing I like to do, as an extra precaution, is to re-read all the chapters that will be covered in the test. Re-reading chapters have been especially beneficial towards answering bonus questions, which are generally concept based. Re-doing assignments are also an excellent way of refreshing how to solve for certain problems. As a Mechanical Engineering student, a lot of my test questions are based on how you can manipulate equations to certain scenarios. Re-working assignments can hone my understanding of how equations can work together as well as what information I can extract from them.

Overall, preparing while you're learning is definitely the most desirable way for me. It allows me to absorb information stress-free and have enough time to reiterate, rework, and remember concepts.

Jisoo from Georgia
College Junior
Kennesaw State University