Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My strategy for preparing for exams has been constantly evolving with me through my high school career. Currently, my school works at a feverish pace because it is on the quarter system, with each class having an exam every other Friday. This works well for me because I can get in a rhythm for the semester. In the two week period, I begin reviewing for the exam on the first Tuesday by creating flashcards for all the vocabulary words in the unit and begin to review them in between classes and before I go to bed. By the first Friday, I have the majority of the vocabulary mastered. I usually begin my review of the previous week on Saturday morning with a readthrough of my notes, then I take the remainder of the weekend to relax and prepare for the following week. The Monday of exam week is when I do the majority of the preparation. I review my flashcards, rewrite my notes, and do practice problems for the class. I give an hour to each of my three academic classes out of four total. On Tuesday, I have a study group that meets after school to review the unit for Kinesiology, and on Wednesday, since my school releases students early on Wednesdays, I have my AP Government/Economics study group right after school and my English study group later in the afternoon. I don’t do any studing on Thursday because in the past I would begin to do a light review but then end up spending the entire night cramming. This method I use for studying has helped me immensely obtain my 3.92 GPA. Study methods vary among people. I have to work very hard for my grades but I am glad to do the work.

Joshua from California
High School Senior
Vista Del Lago High School