Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I don't know that my methods are the best, but they work for me. All test prep begins by reading the material. For me there are no shortcuts. I want to read everything that is assigned fully. I take breaks as needed, especially when my mind starts to wander. I reread any section I am struggling with as many times as it takes to understand it.
I do a lot of highlighting of the parts I believe are important. Highlighting is so easy with an e-reader these days. Highlighting helps me seer in the important concepts.
I love flashcards. At Purdue Global, a couple of classes have had flashcards built into the online program. These have proven to be invaluable study aids. They focus primarily on the main topics and vocabulary, but vocabulary is a key part of understanding whatever you are studying.
I am in the cybersecurity program. Before this endeavor my computer knowledge was minimal at best. I need to do all I can to learn as much as I can. That being said, I find additional research online a helpful study habit as well. I like to find articles from trusted sites focused on the area I am studying in a particular class and read more. I get the chance to learn a little extra. Sometimes a textbook is confusing or hard to understand. A nice article from a professional in the field can clear challenging things up nicely. Especially if they come from a similar background from me.
Next, if available, practice tests are great. They help me see if I am ready. Cybersecurity requires a lot of certifications. Certifications equal specific testing. These tests aren't cheap. Practice test train me and save money!
Testing is mostly a mental game. That is obvious. But the physical feeds the mental. I like to get a good nights sleep before a test. I also find it important to eat well the day of the test.
All of these things helped me in high school and they continue to help me now, over 20 years later as I study for a new career

Greg from Indiana
College Freshman
Purdue Global