Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

We all had tests. Its what teachers used to test what we knew and in the amount of time they were teaching. Test and quizzes are truly a measure if you know the content of the subject. So, when going to study I like to first prepare my environment because that take in a big factor for you to deeply enrich and immerse yourself into whatever subject your completing. For the purpose of the is essay I will use History.
Three days before a test I like to briefly go over what we have done in class for the that unit. I will not give myself a brain aneurysm on memorizing every single word of the notes, because being stressed out can actually cause more harm than good. Once look at them briefly I look at them more carefully studying each notation and trying to remember the events that took place for the particular unit. I do this for about thirty minutes.
Two days before the test my teacher gives the study guide. The study guide is a student’s best friend and should be taken in the utmost regard. I try to complete the study guide without the notes because this way I can see what I need to pay more attention on. If it comes to a part where I can’t complete the study guide without the notes, then I takes out my notes and fill in the rest of the holes. For the best results I try to do this an hour. The second day is the longest day of studying and prepping. This is also the day I go over vocab and review flashcards I make in the beginning of the unit.
The day before the test. The pressure is high. On the last day I try to limit my study time to 30 minutes to 45 minutes. On this day I go over the study guide, but I rewrite the study guide because writing it down commits it to memory. It also give me a chance to review the weak questions that I didn’t get before and commit it memory. If I still feel iffy on some events I like to watch videos on the subject and right notes on it because again writing things down make you remember it better.
On test day I try not to stress because stress increase anxiety which can increase your heart rate and can decrease good blood flow to the brain. I do this for all other subjects I tweak a bit for math and science increasing the times but it fool proof. I finished my Honors US History class with a 90.

Oumou from Georgia
High School Senior
McEahcern High School