Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I personally believe that the best test preparation is both vocal and written recall. I usually find that when I write out serval copies of notes, I usually have an easier to recalling information. That is typically why I love to use a small white board, so I don't waste paper. I will then rewrite notes or other charts serval times until the information is cemented in my mind. I also love the tested method of flashcards. Not only are flashcards affective for vocal recall, but even the practice of writing out the flashcards can be just as helpful for memorization. Flashcards are also impactful because they deduce the amount of memorization down to the absolute most imperative concepts. This assists a student with staying focused on the direct answer to a question or concept; instead of becoming overwhelmed with other extraneous denials. Although these test preparation practices are simplistic, I find them extremely affective in the making a successful and well-rounded student!

Jasmine from Virginia
College Sophomore
University of Arizona