Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my many years of schooling thus far, the best test preparation method I have found is making my own study guides. These study guides entail textbook notes, lecture notes, any information from outside sources that I collected, homework questions, quiz questions, and more. I utilize every place that I got information from that has to do with the material being tested and combine this information into one big document. This does not mean that I copy and paste everything from the sources, but I outline important things from each source and elaborate on topics I am not very familiar with. This allows me to study one document rather than frantically shuffling through many papers and sources of information. I tend to get stressed out when trying to go through many different packets and websites to study, so one big document ensures that my stress level before a test stays as low as possible.
In addition, I personally learn through reading and writing. By going through each source with a fine tooth comb and picking out the important information, I am reading through all my notes and refreshing my mind on the information as a whole. This is the first step in the studying method. The second step is taking the most important points or the points most emphasized in class and writing them down on the study sheet. Rewriting my notes helps me to study, but I hate feeling as if I am wasting my time by rewriting all of my notes. Rewriting the most emphasized points from my notes on a study sheet help me feel as though there is a purpose for rewriting the notes and will collect all the important points into one place for further studying. The last step is studying the final study guide by simply reading over it and quizzing myself on the information. Occasionally if I have time before an exam, I will further refine the study sheet to just information I have not mastered the day before the test so I can focus my last minute efforts on the topics I still have not mastered.

Courtney from Georgia
College Sophomore
University of Georgia