Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Hello, my name is Timothy Rich. I honestly don't like paper tests. They tend to scare in the sense of I don't have the best memory and I am not sure what to expect. Depending on type of test I am taking, I really like practice tests. Through out my school years, I have read through the chapter and memorized the major points in the chapter for tests. As for spelling tests, memorizing big words was kind of hard, so what I did was I broke the words down into three or four parts. I can still spell Czechoslovakia to this day.

I really prefer practice tests because they help me obtain a better understanding of what the test will appear like, therefore allowing me to learn what to expect. Practice tests give me a visual on how the test lay out will be. What the different parts will be ( writing/grammar, math, spelling, reasoning, topography) and in what order to they will appear in. I will be able to better prepare myself. After taking a few practice tests, I feel like I will be able to do the real test with ease.

Flash cards do help me a little, math is kind of difficult for me depending of what type of math I am doing. I really like to actually work the problems out, if I know the right formulae or equations. I am not familiar with other types of flash cards, but if you have more than just math flash cards I'd love to see what types you have.

Tests do still scare me bit, but I overcome it as I go through the test. Practice tests help me know what the test lay out is, and flash cards give me a visual of problems to solve. I do prefer practice tests over anything else only because I can see what to expect.

Timothy from New York
College Freshman
Bob Jones University