Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test Preparation practices are something that cannot be taught to someone, instead you have to let people struggle in order to find ways that help them and will continue to help them in the future. For me this form of test prep is simply repetitions over and over for about three days before the day of the exam. I found this form of studying surprisingly in my first year of playing football in high school. I have been a baseball player my whole life up to this point and when I joined football my freshman year I was completely out of my element. I had never seen a playbook or known how to run an offence or defense and the best part was that we got the playbook a week before the first game and had to have every play in the book memorized. I went to our film room and just started to write out some plays until I realized that as I went over the play more and more, I was able to have better recollection of what play I was running as well as what every other position was doing in it. I have used this strategy in all of my school work since my freshman year of high school. I also have a ritual that I have picked up since I have started to take more and more test almost like a superstition probably coming from my baseball lifestyle. My ritual that I have developed is that I have to listen to country music from when I wake up until the time of the test and I start my day off with a cold bottle of water and a granola bar and this is the only thing that I eat until after the test. This is started from my first final in college I was so stressed to the point where I just could not eat and ended up getting a perfect score on that exam and it just kind of stuck in my mind. Test prep is a very important thing that you have to learn on your own but as soon as you find it you are unable to use any other form of preparation.

Ryan from California
College Sophomore
Grossmont College