Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

This is how test preparation should work. It starts in the classroom. I strongly believe that in order to achieve high results on examinations, one must first take diligent notes and ask thoughtful questions in class. Making sure to see the professor who is administering the test several days beforehand to ask questions in person. This face-to-face interaction really helps me to nail down and concepts that I am unsure about.

From there I like to get an overview of what all I am expecting the test to cover. Whether it be chapters from a book, powerpoint slides, or full lectures or any other material, I get everything together that I expect will be on the test. Once I have all of that together, I divide it into what I call "manageable chunks." The size of these chunks will be subjective to the individual, but for me it is whatever amount of information I feel as if I can take down and understand completely in one night.

The amount of material that I will be tested on dictates the number of chunks I divide in to. Sometimes, say for a small quiz, there is only one or two chunks that I need to review. For others, such as a long final, there may be twenty or more. Each chunk takes me one night to study, and I knock them out in sequence until the day before the exam.

The night before the exam, assuming I do all the steps right and do not cram, I would get an overview of everything to go over once again, but I would not go too crazy with the studying. I believe that a good nights sleep before an exam is one of the most crucial parts.

Robert from Texas
College Junior
Texas Tech