Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are two things I've learned over my time as a student. First, getting ready for a test starts during class. Over my years of schooling, I have realized that I typically fair better on tests in classes that I am fully participating in. It's in these classes that I have absorbed the information, not just memorized answers. I try to respond to the material being presented and dialogue with other students as well as the professor.
After my time discussing at school, my actual time spent "preparing" is not as long and tedious. I simply look over my notes and make sure I fully understand everything that I will likely be tested on.

Flashcards are helpful, but so is music. This is the second takeaway. I find that if I am relaxed while studying, I am not stressed or anxious. Which means I actually am focussing on the material and learning. Making sure I'm in the atmosphere to prepare for a test is key. I like to be alone, without interruption. I make sure to have plenty of food and water, so I don't need to leave the space. I play relaxing instrumental music and spend an hour or so diving into the material.

Overall tests are not the burden they used to be, because of the little changes I've made over the years. They are no longer anxiety-inducing, but an actual "test" of my knowledge learned. I actually enjoy taking test to evaluate how I am doing in my learning. Paying attention in class and relaxing at home have been game changers.

Dakota from California
College Junior
Grand Canyon University