Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying has never been one of my strongest suits. And therefore, one of my daunting challenges because of health reasons. Brain fog is one of the many things that then to discourage me and how me back from ever really achieving the results I want. You can study and practice for hours, cram like no tomorrow, and still may never get the necessary skills to retain the information. But so far I have found some ways to make my studying habits easier as well as enjoyable.
The first things that I look at are what is expected of my learning environment, and the subject of the classes? A perfect example is studying for your Psychology exam is not going to be the same for your Algebra one. So I usually stick to using flashcards both using paper and an app on my phone. Do so allows me to study at home as well as when I don't have the physical access to my cards. Without the flashcards, it would be difficult for me to master the terminology without much-written practice first. I haven't taken math or psychology yet, but these strategies have worked for me in the past while in high school. So it will be adapted for next semester.
The 2nd thing to do is look at past papers from old examinations from the quizzes used for that class. Before taking the English placement test, I did a few practice exams from sites that offered sample questions. Any term I didn't understand, I would jot it down quickly and then reference the material to the same question. If I see a pattern in the sentence structure, that tells me how and why it is being used in a sentence. I am now studying for my math placement exam and will use the same method to complete each chapter of my study guide book. And if I need a break from the paper and pen, I turn to Youtube to gain some insight into the material I do not understand. Or even apps like Khan Academy that revises over concepts that I may have forgotten over the years. And most importantly taking time off for myself and not deal with too much stress.

Chloe from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
Northampton Community College