Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best strategy for preparing for a test is to ration your time effectively between subjects, and to not relax on subjects you believe are "too easy." The time winding down until test time is a very tasking time for a student, like an bad omen waiting to happen. In the heat of the moment, we can forget even the easiest of calculations, so we need to make sure you understand everything heading your way. It is not bad to save more time for subjects you struggle with, but it is important to understand that forgetting the basics will ruin the foundations of advanced subjects.

-Before understanding logarithmic functions, make sure you understand how to read graphs and deal with exponents.
-Before you can write or comprehend and a story, try to understand the background, details, and critical ideas beforehand.

Maximize the resources you have access to, including what is on the internet. Khan Academy for SAT topics (or any topic for that matter) is a good self-paced resource that has practice questions, readings, real-world connections, and step-by-step videos that encourage you to try it too. Study guide books are also great for a tangible alternative to internet resources (as long as its the latest edition) that, since they are on paper, allow you to make notes with post-its or right in the book (if it's yours only!) to understand what you are doing along with the readings.

Jonathon from New Jersey
High School Senior
High Tech High School