Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

With so many students enrolled in school, you could online imagine how many different ways of learning there are. Considering that there are many different types of learning, there are also different ways that each student prepares for a test they will be taking. In high school, we aren't often taught good ways to prepare for test. It seems as if some teachers just hand out test in hoping that listening to the material will be enough. I would have to personally disagree with that. I believe that students learn best in other ways. Personally, I believe in the bloom's taxonomy method considering I want to go into an education career field. I also believe that this method could help me preparing for a test. Bloom's taxonomy is a triangle that shows the different levels of learning. The first thing you do is remember, then understand, then apply, then analyze, then evaluate, and finally to create. If we break it down somewhere I believe that some of these methods have helped me become a good test taker. Besides the bloom's taxonomy method of teaching and learning I also believe in setting yourself up in a good manner before the test. Things such as taking deep breaths before and during the test to keep my nerves under control I believe to be very important. However, the most important preparation is to make sure that you work or study on the topic of the test many days and possibly weeks before the due date. This allows me to go into a classroom the day of testing with confidence that if I do my best it will be good enough because I have taken information from my teacher and myself and I have applied it to the test. Overall, the best thing we can do is to believe in our preparation and trust our abilities while taking any test that we will take throughout our academic years.

Cayla from Georgia
High School Senior
Lamar County High School