Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a student who is pursuing a career in the STEM field, I am all too familiar with studying and the many habits that come with being a responsible student. At the start of my college journey I fell victim to believing I was not smart enough to be in the courses I enrolled in, but once I learned how to effectively study I suddenly became a student that others admired. I did this by implementing a few different tricks into my everyday studies and it made all the difference.

Some of my favorite ways to prepare for an upcoming exam is to self-test myself by pretending to teach the subject I am studying. For my personal learning style, it is immensely helpful when I am able to explain complex concepts or ideas in a manner that anyone would be able to understand. By doing this it forces me to have a more unified understanding of the information I am studying and allows me to better recall that information later on. I also have a large whiteboard on the wall of my room, so I can physically get up and go practice teaching that subject to my invisible audience. It sounds silly at first, but I am engaging in one of the most beneficial forms of studying- active studying! Often times I am standing up and walking around, talking, and teaching all in one which greatly enhances my retention of the material.

Another favorite study habit of mine is real-world studying. What I mean by real-world studying is that I make it a point to know the practical or real-life uses of the material I am studying and when I come across that concept or idea in my everyday life, I audio record on my phone everything I can remember about that particular object or concept; this gives me a really good idea of what I need to spend more time on studying or not. My study habits integrate both active and passive learning which is something I have found to be most effective with my personal brain chemistry and while it may look or feel silly at first, the results speak for themselves!

Aneseigha from California
College Sophomore
San Jose State University