Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite study method starts with me rewriting my notes color coded to make them neater and more practical as my original lecture notes tend to contain everything needed at the cost of being extremely cluttered. Rewriting them helps me figure out if there are any parts where I do not actually comprehend what or why I wrote something. From there I would focus on those topics more and ask my teacher clarifying questions after school. On that note, I often attend after school office hours for my teachers to study and work together with friends to study for the tests. Usually this entitles asking questions at each other and going through all of the material we will be tested on once more as a group. On top of that we go over old tests and/or quizzes together (if they are relevant) to make sure we understand everything we got wrong before. On my own time I then would make a quizlet that essentially almost mirrors my notes so that I have written the notes a total of three times (once originally, a second time to check for understanding, and once more in the quizlet). On the last day before the test I would be studying in the teacher's classroom if available (most likely with friends) to do a last day study session to try to get myself as prepared as I can be. The night before the test I also tend to continue studying late at night off my notes, practice problems, and my quizlets as I have found I can still operate on little sleep and it has helped my performance. Overall, this is my optimal studying method as I learn best from writing things down and physical interactions and furthermore I am harnessing the fact that I do not need a lot of sleep to still be able to function at school. In fact part of my studying style is being able to study until I fall asleep at the table then wake up somewhere from half an hour to two hours later and keep studying. It takes effort to study in this way but I am a very focused and stubborn person so it serves me quite well.

Ryan from California
High School Senior
Marina High School