Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices consist of a variety of aspects including but not limited to flashcards, practice tests, Quizlet games, and much more. Whenever I am getting ready for tests, I start with a prayer, of course, both when studying and before taking the actual exam. However, I know I must work for the grade I want to receive. Although, this is the case my first aspect to be checked of my studying list would be making color-coded detailed notes on the chapter or topic. Once this is completed I then draw the vocabulary words from the said topic or chapter and make physical flashcards. After I have made the flashcards I then type them into the website called Quizlet and proceed to test myself using a variety of their games. Once I have done all of this I take any practice tests or questions that are located at the end of chapters in the textbook. Throughout this lengthy study session which generally takes me 3 hours of studying I take two ten minute breaks every hour either to eat or regroup. I also review my physical flashcards before going to bed, therefore, stimulating my mind and thinking about it before going to bed. These techniques have helped me on a variety of tests although I am still making tweaks in order to fully help my mind expand and see which ones work out the best for me. In doing so I discovered that Quizlet does help me out the most and so do color-coding my notes.

Sarah from Texas
College Sophomore
Texas State University