Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The transition from high school to college was very hard for me because I didn't have great test preparation practices and my grades suffered. After attempting many different methods, this is what finally worked for me! I love using Quizlet, it is a great resource that helps a lot, especially with active recall. Once I get my study guides for exams coming up, the first thing I do is look up the key words in the chapters being covered in the exam. I then make flashcards on Quizlet for all the ones I struggle with. After finishing my set, I use the learning feature and go over all of them over a span of two weeks, until I feel confident I know and understand the material well enough. This helps me so much because my brain is getting exposed to these concepts frequently which is the main idea of Active Recall. As you begin to show an understanding for different concepts, Quizlet begins showing them less and makes you keep going over the ones you might be missing more frequently. Ever since I began using this method it has shown that it works for my learning style through my grades. For classes that require a bit more than that, such as math classes, I have to use a different method. For math classes I first of all, like to make sure I am keeping up with the homework. Similarly to what I mentioned before, once I get a study guide for the exam, I look up the key concepts and write them down somewhere and go back to the book to look at practice problems. I then do about 10 practice problems per concept or until I feel confident enough with what to do. After repeating this with all the material that will be on the exam for at least two weeks before the exam, if I have any more doubts or questions I go to my professor for additional help. These practices have helped me so much as I was deeply struggling to find something that would work for me, but I found that Active Recall truly works!

Diana from Wisconsin
College Sophomore
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse