Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When you're about to have a big test I have plenty of tips for you!! I like to start my study sessions with a cup of earl grey tea with honey and lemon. It calms me down and let’s me begin. Depending on the subject, I usually start by reading over all my notes at first. I read and then I read again but this time around I highlight certain subjects that I need to work on. After doing that, I being making charts, flash cards, or anything possible for me to remember. I also really like to make up reminders on vocabulary. I put a memory or a different word with the vocabulary word for me to remember it. After a full study session I usually work out and repeat the things I need to know. It keeps me very focused and energized. It also ensures and great night of sleep!

Camrynn from South Carolina
High School Senior
Berkeley middle college highschool