Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are multiple different ways that people study. Just because one thing works for one person does not mean that it will work for another. So the best way for you to find your study methods/ test preparation
practices are to experiment and explore different ways until you find what works the best for you.
For me, I have multiple ways to prepare for the exams. First, if you have the option to go to review classes or sessions, make sure to go to them because it is a great way of knowing the possible questions that will be on the test. It is also beneficial as they could summarize it in a way that you could understand better and it could also provide additional information that will be helpful to you during the exam. Second, you need to did out whether or not you work better with a digital copy or a hard paper copy. For me, I work better with paper copies, thus I make sure to print out what I needed and use those to study. In terms of memorizing materials, I usually tend to go for flashcards, whether that be digital flashcards or paper flashcards. I tend to slowly memorize them in a quantity that I think I will be able to do. For example, you could start with memorizing five flashcards first then after you have mastered the five you can add another five until you have finished all. I also watch the crash course, if the topic that I need to test on is on a crash course episode, as they summarize and explain it in a way that is simple and easy to understand.
Just remember that these are my way to prep for exams. You can give it a try and see if these ways of preparation would work for you. There are multiple ways that you could revise this study method to work for you and different types of test preparations that you could try out. So go out there and experiment, explore as to what type of study method would best work for you and master it.

April from Virginia
College Sophomore
George Mason University