Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

"Make sure you study for your test tomorrow!" These are the words every student has heard in every class. Some choose to ignore it, while others schedule their day around actually studying. But what does it mean to study? A lot of students think that reading over their notes is a good way to study, but does that really help you retain the information? As a student myself, I know that simply reading over my notes does not help at all. For me, it takes something to trigger my memory of what I have learned. I'm sure this is the case for many students, so let me share what steps I like to take to help prepare myself for the test. First things first, I like to start with material that I absolutely don't remember and need review for. If the test I am preparing for is based on vocabulary, I look at the word and try to make a relation to the definition. For example, the word audition in psychology means the act of hearing. If I'm trying to remember this, I just look at the word audition and think that at an audition, people usually listen to other people performing. This helps make a connection that I can remember for the test. This can be done with almost anything, not just vocabulary. The best way to remember something is simply to just connect it back with another topic or even better, connect it back to your life. This is how I remember most of my concepts. I also believe that flashcards are a great way to help practice learning the definition without looking at it. I like to review flashcards and repeat the definition out loud over and over again to help store it into my brain. This way, I don't forget it as easily. Lastly, I highly recommend watching review videos. Before any big exam, I like to look over content review videos and take notes. This helps to refresh my memory and fill in any gaps for the big test. By following these steps, I know that they are helping me become as prepared as possible for any test that teachers throw my way.

Rihana from Georgia
High School Senior
Mountain View High School