Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

At 19 after 3 years of freelance photography and theater jobs, I decided I wanted to go to college to become a nurse. The problem was (when signing up for college) I technically did not graduate high school. See, I was homeschooled, and Texas does not mandate state testing for private and home schoolers. So after 3 years, I needed to learn all off the subjects that were lacking from my homeschool education, and pass the GED tests (preferably within the college ready category).

I would study in 2 hour blocks, only taking water breaks that were as brief as possible. Only allowed to think of learning the subject matter at hand, I treated this time block as a meditation. When my mind wondered, I redirected it to the task at hand. My minimum deep hours studied goal was 4 hours. Anything equal or greater than 4 hours was a successful study day. I would often get in 8 hours per day on that "retreat" of sorts. Even on weekends I would still crank out 2 hours per day. I passed all of the GED tests in just over a month. With most categories being in the top tier, and my being above the average in all subjects.

If I were to recommend a study protocol (which I would hesitate to do), I would recommend truly making to commitment to orient your life around your study time. This does not mean making unreasonable sacrifices. This means a slight modification in how and when you do what you already do. To make quality studying the path of least resistance.

Jackson from Texas
College Freshman
Couston Community College