Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I think that I have good test preparation practices because I know how to study properly. I will study a my worst subject first because it always makes it easier to finish studying if you do your easiest subject last. I personally will study math first because I have a hard time remembering the formulas, I have since learned that creating mnemonic devices really help me remember, such as PEMDAS. I then will move onto history, I have a hard time remember dates in history so I try to connect the dates to a family member or friends birthday or special event that happen; I also sometimes create little songs to help me remember certain dates. I will then move onto science, I really don't understand science, it is not my favorite or best subject. I have a hard time remembering formulas so I once again try to create mnemonic devices; I also have a hard time remembering the elements on the periodic table so I try to remember them in alphabetical order because for some reason I don't have trouble remembering where they're placed. I then will move onto English. English is my favorite subject, because it comes a lot easier to me. I have a hard time comprehending sometimes when I am reading especially if it is something by Shakespeare; so I read a part a couple times and then paraphrase what I read and determine what I understand and don't and then I will ask the teacher to help me understand the parts that I don't, I also have a hard time determining how to start an essay, so I always start out by reading the prompt and writing ideas down on things that I know a lot of information about, and then I write down what information I could include within that idea. I have found that this really helps me when writing an essay. I don't spend a whole lot of time on any subject, I was taught to study some and then take a break and I have found that that has worked. I will study each subject for only 30 minutes and then take a break to do whatever will help me wind down and start again!

Jaelah from Texas
High School Senior