Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test-taking is a stressful and anxiety-inducing experience for many individuals. Implementing strategies during test-taking that help us reduce our stress, remain our focus, and regain our confidence. Test-taking strategies have been introduced to me through-out my academic life. I have had the privilege to acquire many skills from impactful teachers that I incorporate to this day. These strategies include brainstorming before an exam/test, rating the questions, and reviewing the answers to the test.
Brainstorming before a test is basically a therapeutic technique where you let out all your thoughts before you take an exam. This was introduced to me in fifth grade by an eccentric science teacher I had. She would encourage us to draw and write out everything we felt before a test, this includes things we may have been excited about, nervous about or just thoughts that may be distracting. This technique allowed us as a student to really release everything in us that may hold us back from testing. It is fantastic for all the worries and anxieties one has, its a meditative way to release these feelings.
Once the test begins I find rating all the questions from easiest to hardest has been an innate strategy of mine. I prefer to answer the questions I absolutely know to allow myself more time to think about the more difficult ones. It also gives one a great sense of possible questions they may have gotten wrong, based on their rating of difficulty of the question. This strategy gives me the ability to focus myself as well and not let myself get stuck on one question. Lastly, it is always encouraged to look over your answers before turning your test in! You never know if you could identify a mistake or want to change an answer. This strategy has really helped prevent me from turning in a test with answers marked down incorrectly.
These strategies have really allowed me to regain confidence in the test taker I am, by allowing me to remain persistent and focused.

Isela from Arizona
College Sophomore
University of Arizona