Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Finding a way that worked for me to prepare for a test took a lot of time to figure out and many different strategies. I would try note cards, re-writing my notes, going back over lecture slides, and completing the study guides, but none of them seemed to work very well for me. One of my friends had been sick for two weeks of class and had asked me to help her prepare for the test that was coming up. I agreed to help and when we were going over the study guide she had no idea what anything was. That was when I decided to teach her all of the material she had missed. In that moment, I realized that by teaching her the material, it allowed me to better understand it myself. That was when I had found the practice that helped me the most: teaching someone the material. By teaching someone who is not knowledgable in that subject until they gain understanding, I gained better understanding of it also. For each test that I had done that with, I had excelled. Not only did I benefit myself when I was teaching someone, but they in-turn also did well on their exam. It feels good to help others while helping yourself as well, it is very rewarding to know that my understanding of a subject can also help other better their understanding of it. That test preparation practice has worked best for me, and those who attend the sessions also benefit by asking questions and also repeating the information in a way they understand it, which also helps others understand it in a different way.

Rylee from New Mexico
College Freshman
University of New Mexico