Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of the best test preparation practices I have learned throughout highschool is using the internet and online sources to your advantage. As high school students, we all struggle with that one teacher that just doesn't teach in a way that you can truly understand the content. The notes you take in class never help you on the test, and no matter how much help you get you never seem to understand. This is when I look to my friends and classmates for help. Nothing is better than talking about the content you learned in class with your fellow classmates. Right before a test that I am worried about, I review and refresh my mind with all the content or concepts that are going to be on the test with my friends. Creating study groups not only helps those who struggle with the content, but those who do can help those who don't and help you relearn things you might not have fully understood the first time. Talking through all the content also makes all the information easier to digest and easier to remember. Plus, you are with your friends, so studying just became fun. Another study technique I have learned is note cards for classes with lots of content or practice quizzes and test questions for math and science classes. Don't waste your time making note cards when you can find a quizlet online with all the same words! Just search the unit or topic you are studying for and you are sure to find a quizlet with all of the vocab you need. If not, you can always make your own quizlet. Quizlet is a great source for studying vocab as it offers games and even practice test to help you memorize definitions of all the vocab you need to memorize. Another great way to use flashcards is by providing an example for each vocab word, so that it is easier to memorize and make connections to. Practice quizzes and test questions are a great way to study for that hard math or physics test. Simply search for the unit or topic of you test online or ask your teacher for some practice questions.

Ananya from Colorado
High School Senior
Mountain Range High School