Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Since its beginning, the United States of America has always advertised its diversity, and today America sees more diversity in its schools than ever before. Where once teachers would look at their classrooms and see only students of the same race from households of a similar socioeconomic status, they now find students from all over the world and from every background imaginable. Though from incredibly different backgrounds, students have one thing in common: schoolwork and tests. Since a common goal of education unites us, one of the kindest things students can do for one another is to share study techniques. One of my favorite motivators when studying for tests is to care about the material I am studying. Even when I do not enjoy the subject I am studying for, when I imagine myself as a professional studying to create the cure for cancer or the next marvel in engineering, it makes studying a lot more fun. In all honesty, however, wild enthusiasm about test preparation does not always come easily. After all, some subjects are simply not enjoyable, so why try to trick the brain into making it more fun? My main reason for creating an emotional tie with the test material is that it is easier to remember. I may not remember a math formula on its own, but if I think of it as something greater than just a math formula, it brings it to mind more easily. Another method I use that prepares me for tests is to write out the concepts in my own words. This could look like bullet-points, summaries, or even something creative like a story, anything that gets my mind engaged in the material I am learning. Similarly, one of my favorite ways to engrain test material into the brain is to teach it to someone else. Teaching forces me to understand the concepts so well that I can make it easily understandable for others. When I teach If I find myself struggling to communicate the concepts, I know I have not studied hard enough and it helps me to clarify what concepts need review.

Genevieve from Florida
High School Senior