Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying is a very important part of schooling, and it is something that I have perfected for myself. I begin my study activities about a week before an exam or quiz. The first step is to go through my notes and outline what is the most important information. Then, I utilize this information to create flashcards of key items that need to be memorized; I study these flashcards until I know all of them. The next step depends on what subject I am studying for, but it always includes a review of some kind. For a math class, I will rework homework problems for the required chapters. For a communications course, I will do something similar; I will look back into the required readings and homework, deciphering what I got out of the assignments. The next step is practice. I will find practice tests with questions that I've never seen before, and I will take them in the same testing conditions that I will have for the real thing. Basically, I set a timer and practice needing to complete the exam in a certain amount of time. This is my last step for the basics of my studying practices; however, the timing with which I complete these steps is the most important part. I will always only study for 90 minutes before taking a 30-minute break. During this break, I give myself some kind of incentive to keep studying. This includes watching an episode of my favorite TV show or having one of my favorite snacks. The real way to study effectively is to stay motivated throughout the whole process, and sometimes "getting a good grade" is not the best motivator for a tired college student. Therefore, giving yourself time to enjoy some little things throughout your studying process is very important for your mental health, and it will help you get the grade that you deserve.

Katherine from Florida
College Junior
University of Florida