Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying is a crucial part of any course, but it is one of the most tedious aspects of preparing. As I prepare for the upcoming exams, I take to my strengths and other hobbies as examples for me. In football when you are preparing to face an opponent you must understand them. You need to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own. and then create a gameplan and execute it.

I believe the same strategies apply to studying. Throughout the course I play close attention to my strengths and weaknesses in the material. Consistent and constant work is of much more value in the long run than a short burst of flash cards or quizzes just prior to test day. As the test looms closer I begin taking practice tests and working on identifying key faults in my preparation. This helps me understand what material or assignments I need to review in order to gain a deeper understanding of the concept. As I repeat this simple strategy, I am not just cramming to pass an exam, but learning and understanding all the course has to offer. Constant repetition over time is the key to great test preparation.

While practicing this technique it is important to understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative studying. Many people put vast amounts of time into studying, especially the hours before an exam, but profit little. It is necessary to get the maximum value out of your time and then go back to doing the thing you enjoy. As I study I have a clear outline for a 30 minute to an hour study session, with clear plans covering flashcards, practice tests, reviewing assignments, or analyzing the book, that never leave me wondering, "what next?

With these strategies I have found my best way to personally grow and take the most out of each course, never wasting time in tedious studying, but becoming able to understand and grow from each and every class I take.

Brandon from Utah
College Freshman
Brigham Young University