Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When the idea of taking tests is presented, many think of many long nights consumed in a wordy textbook. I, however, prefer to study more efficiently, and have yielded nothing but positive results. My favorite ways to study include creating chapter study guides, reviewing digital flashcards, and taking practice tests. I have implemented each of these methods separately and in tandem, depending on the type of test I am preparing for.
For chapter quizzes, I have found that the best way to study is by developing a study guide that compiles key points from each lesson. This works well for me because it eliminates filler words and allows me to focus only on pertinent information. I have utilized this method most this Spring in my Biology class, where we had weekly chapter quizzes based off of over four hours of reading. Others spent hours re-reading the textbook only to fail, while I managed to make As and Bs on every one. When I am preparing to take a vocabulary test I always make digital flashcards. I love digital flashcards because they are quick, convenient, and eco-friendly. I have employed digital flashcards ever since middle school, and I swear by them. I know that I am much more likely to study if I have access to my study material within my palm. This allows me to maximize my free time wherever I am. In preparation for standardized testing I have found I do my best when I take practice tests that mimic the standard test's format. My most notable use of this method happened during my junior year of high school, where I took practice tests and min- tests daily for three months. In the end, I improved my scores from an 1190 on my PSAT to a 1380 on my final SAT attempt.
Through the exhibition of these test preparation practices I have found that my test anxiety has been greatly reduced and my grades have remained high. I constantly recommend these methods to my peers, and am always inclined to utilize apps and programs like Mometrix University.

Kiama from Texas
College Sophomore
Tarleton State University