Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before I do any test preparation, I always ask my professor what exactly would be on the test. From there I would spread out my preparation in five phases. The first phase is I study the notes that I took in class and I compare them to the lecture PowerPoint. From there if there is vocabulary that I do not understand or a certain concept I study said vocabulary and or concept. The second phase I ask my professor if they have an old exam I could look at to see their format and style of grading. I do this mainly for the first test of every class because the first test is always the hardest. After all, each professor has a different style. If I can not find or obtain the old exam, I use the quizzes we have done to study to get some sort of insight on what might be on the test. Now moving on to the third phase, I look for a Quizlet on the class and see if I could find a study guide then if I do I study that for about a day or so. The fourth phase is to study the textbook both the chapters and the test prep at the end of each chapter. I do that because too many times have professors said the questions come from the notes when in reality they are questions from the end of the chapter or back of the book. Moving on to the final phase which is optional, I go find a tutor on campus on the subject and set an appointment and work with them to get solutions and ask questions I had with the chapters. I ask for advice on what to study in the future if the person tutoring me has taken the same class with the same professor. After all the phases I go to sleep early the day before that way I wake up on time, I eat breakfast, then study the concepts I have a hard time with and finally I take the exam.

Domenicque from California
College Junior
Azusa Pacific University