Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Personally, the best way that I prepare for a test is to make a Quizlet. It's just like making a flashcard, but it's neater and you can not lose them. There are many different ways to study when you make a Quizlet. The most effective way for me is to first set it to flashcard mode. Then I will write down all of the questions and answers on a piece of paper once or twice. After that, I set it to a multiple choice quiz mode. Once I have gotten all of the answers correct, I set it so that I have to type the answer out. This is effective for me because I end up writing all of the questions down at least three times and I end up writing all of the answers out at least four times. If after this process I am still not confident that I have studied enough, I simply repeat it by writing down all of the questions again and taking the quiz where you write the answers again. I used this method the most when I was studying for quiz bowl. With enough practice, I ended up becoming the team captain and scoring the most amount of points for my team this season.

Mark from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Jones High School