Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way I prefer to study for tests depends on the kind of test I am taking. If the test is testing memorization of content, I like to use bright colors and mnemonic devices while taking notes. In my notes, I try to keep it as basic as possible to ensure I don’t bother writing down and memorizing useless knowledge. I take bullet points of major ideas and have connecting ideas shooting off from those bullet points. I then like to highlight vocab terms and important names or dates so that when I look back over my notes, I can look straight to the most important ideas. Using colors and bullet points allows me to keep my notes neat, which makes it easy for me to use to study later on. The bright colors make looking over my notes more interesting and I often color code different ideas with multiple shades of highlighter. For example, I would use a green highlighter to indicate an important date, a pink highlighter to indicate an important name, and a yellow highlighter to indicate a vocab term. This allows for me to know immediately what each section and chapter is addressing and gives a general idea of what could be tested, whether it be more date and name heavy, or content and idea related. This practice works best for me in subjects such as history, science, and english. For math, however, I like to watch videos of other people working out problems and attempt to solve them myself. Although I still take notes using bullet points and highlighters in math class, the thing that works best for me prior to test day is working out problems myself and practicing over and over again. By watching videos of other people solving problems, I learn different ways of attacking those problems and learn what methods work best for me. I often start the video to look at the problem, pause it to attempt to solve it myself, and then play it again to see how that person solved it. Whether it be for math or history, I enjoy taking neat, detailed notes and making it interesting in whatever

Bryn from Arkansas
High School Senior
Vilonia High School