Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always been someone who struggled with testing. It didn't matter the copious hours I studied, the dozens of streaks made highlighting, or even the cups of caffeine to allow me to study late, whenever I sat down for a test, it was like the content was new to me.
That was me in high school. Lost and annoyed why I couldn't do well on my standardized tests.
But as a college student now, I have learned so many study techniques that has allowed me to succeed.
In addition to ditching the stereotypical coffee driven college student trait, I have found three main test preparation practices that have allowed me to succeed.
A week before every test, I sat down with my notes, textbook, and teacher's presentations and created my own study guide. This not only allowed me to synthesize all of the information in one condensed area, but also gave me a tool to quiz myself from.
In addition to this technique, I also created a study schedule for myself. As a college student, it is very easy to think you have more free time than you really do, and not study. I found however, that asiding time every week for every subject to do my 'weekly note review sessions', made the classic night before the exam cramming almost unnecessary. This allowed me to study bit by bit and I never felt behind or unprepared when test day did come.
My third and final test preparation technique might just be the strangest, however for me, the one that proved the most effective. Besides going to class, work, and studying, I spent most of my time in college running and working out. So, in order not to sacrifice my study time or my physical health, I combined studying and running. Some days I would record myself going through my notes to listen while I ran, however most days, I would record a teacher's lecture and then listen to it while I ran. Though this sounds odd, it really did help me almost soak up the information, before I sat down and studied.

Heidi from Colorado
College Freshman
University of Tampa